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Traveling with Dabs? 4 Top Tips to Avoid a DUI

After 4/20, the next biggest cannabis holiday of the year is 7/10, or Dab Day. That’s the day when highly potent forms of cannabis other than flower take center stage, such as dabs, cannabis oil products, shatter, wax, and concentrate. Although nobody knows who first celebrated 7/10, cannabis consumers chose the date because the number “710” looks like the word OIL turned upside down. To celebrate 7/10, dispensaries in legal states offer some of the best deals of the year. Accordingly, this leads to many more drivers traveling with high-potency cannabis products in their possession.


Dabs or dabbing is a term that refers to shatter, wax, live resin, and other forms of extracted cannabis resin. These concentrated forms of cannabis are available in various textures, and the product descriptor often reflects a concentrate’s texture or viscosity. Consumers intake cannabis concentrates using a dab rig, e-rig, or pen that heats it to a high temperature for inhalation.


What does 7/10 mean for drivers and the risk of cannabis DUI? 7/10 celebrators and regular dabbers alike need to know the implications of driving, cannabis, and the law.

First Off, Don’t Dab and Drive


Most people think about alcohol when getting slapped with a DUI. However, any method of cannabis consumption can cause driver impairment and lead to a cannabis DUI.


Cannabis consumers need to know dabs or concentrates are much higher in THC percentage than flower. Cannabis flower THC potency is typically between 15% to 25% THC, whereas dabs tend to be 60% to 90% THC. A tiny amount can add up to a whopping THC dose with dabs, even for experienced cannabis consumers. Dabbing and driving do not mix on 7/10 or any day of the year.


4 Tips for Traveling with Dabs to Avoid a Cannabis DUI


If you are celebrating 7/10, it’s best to prepare when traveling with dabs. Here are some travel tips to help you make sure you stay safe on the road.

  1. Never drive and dab. Even if you think you are an experienced cannabis consumer, remember that dabs are highly concentrated, and even a tiny dose can impair your driving.
  2. Dabs and alcohol do not mix. Whether you feel it or not, studies show that alcohol intensifies THC impairment. Poly-drug driving is on the rise in states that have legalized cannabis. THC is the most common substance found in police drug tests of drivers involved in crashes, second only to alcohol.
  3. Check your local and state laws regarding open containers and cannabis. Much like alcohol, some states have specific laws prohibiting driving with a container with a broken seal, the contents partially removed, or if there is evidence that a passenger consumed cannabis in the vehicle. The safest place to keep your dabs and equipment is out of the cab and in the trunk.

If you plan to celebrate 7/10, make a plan. Know how you will get to and from your destinations, and stick to your plan. Use a designated driver, taxi, or rideshare. For more tips on staying safe with cannabis consumption on the holidays, check out our guide.


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Cannabis DUI charges disproportionately impact people without the financial resources to defend themselves and access legal defense. Correspondingly, it is crucial to consume responsibly, know the facts, and have a proactive legal plan. Cannabis consumers must understand their rights as drivers. You deserve quality representation in the event of facing cannabis DUI charges. At reepher, we help cover these and related costs. If you’re a cannabis consumer concerned about potential DUI charges, please check out what a reepher membership offers.

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