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What Do You Know About Cannabis Drug Testing?

Most people experience cannabis drug testing in relation to police or employer interactions. Police may order a cannabis drug screening if they suspect a cannabis DUI. As states have passed medical and adult-use cannabis laws, some employers are beginning to do away with cannabis drug test requirements. However, there are still employers that include cannabis or THC in employee drug screenings.


Cannabis Urine Test and a Cannabis Blood Test Compared


Cannabis is most commonly tested in urine or blood. Cannabis drug test results depend on factors such as how long ago you consumed cannabis, how much cannabis you consumed, and individual differences in how fast cannabis is cleared from your system.


Here is a comparison chart of urine and blood tests for cannabis.


How Long After Consuming Cannabis Does THC Show Up on a Drug Test?


THC (or delta-9 THC) can stay in the body and show up in drug tests for days, weeks, or even months after consumption. THC and its metabolites are fat-soluble, so they can be stored in fat cells and released slowly over time. That is why some studies suggest that exercise can increase the chances of a positive THC drug test, even if someone has not consumed cannabis recently.

Can Police Require a Cannabis Drug Test?


Police can require any driver to take a cannabis drug test under the concept of “implied consent,” which means that under the law any driver automatically consents to drug or alcohol testing. If a driver refuses to take a police-ordered drug or alcohol test, they can face serious consequences such as losing their driver’s license, or the refusal can be used against them in court proceedings in a cannabis DUI arrest or charge.



Are There Cannabis “Breathalyzer” Tests?


Unlike alcohol, there is no breathalyzer test for cannabis, THC, or THC metabolites. As states are legalizing medical and adult-use cannabis, public health officials and law enforcement are increasingly concerned about more drivers on the road driving under the influence of cannabis. Scientists are working on a THC breath-scanning device, but so far it is unclear whether there will be accurate cannabis breathalyzer tests in the future. The best advice when it comes to cannabis and driving? Don’t drive high.


Could CBD Affect Cannabis Drug Tests?


Unlike THC, CBD from hemp is non-intoxicating. Products derived from hemp that are less than 0.3% THC are federally legal. However, a cannabis drug test could still detect trace amounts of THC from full-spectrum CBD products. CBD consumers should carefully check products for THC percentages, and buy CBD products from reputable companies with third-party lab testing.



Concerned About Drug Testing With a Cannabis DUI? reepher Could Help!


Considering most states have no minimum THC threshold for a DUI conviction, cannabis consumers face serious risks if they drive with the slightest trace of THC in their system. With few exceptions, police can charge a driver with a cannabis DUI no matter how little THC is in their drug test if their driving behavior suggests or implies intoxication. The penalties drivers will face for a cannabis DUI conviction are severe, and not to be taken lightly!

If you’re a cannabis consumer concerned about potential cannabis DUI charges, check out what a reepher membership has to offer.

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