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Product Questions

Availability & Eligibility

A cannabis DUI happens when THC is the suspected cause of a driver’s intoxication.

reepher is available to any resident of the US who is at least 21 years old, has a driver’s license, and resides in a state where our cannabis DUI coverage is available.

Please see our location page for a list of states where Reepher is currently available. We’re working hard to roll out reepher to all US states and territories. Please follow us on Twitter or sign up here for updates.

A reepher membership covers only the named individual.

We take your information seriously, and use a similar standard of protected information as the healthcare and banking industries. Read more about our data policy here. We will never sell your information, or share it with anyone except for the purposes of providing our services and promoting our business.

If you currently have a reepher membership or have had one in the past click here to login. Otherwise, please reach us at or any of the methods on our contact page.

A member’s account must be paid in full when charges occur for the claim to be covered.

If your payment method is declined we’ll ask you to provide us with a new one and settle the bill. After several failed attempts, your policy will be canceled and you will need to contact our team to resume your policy and coverage.


For members residing in a state where reepher is available, reepher’s coverage is nationwide. This means a reepher member may receive benefits for a claim filed in any US state.

reepher does not cover court fees, fines, or costs. Please refer to our product page for additional information regarding coverage limits.

It is highly unlikely that your auto insurance or umbrella policy will help cover costs resulting from a cannabis DUI charge. Please contact your insurance carrier for details regarding your policy as individual policies may vary.

No. We understand that every user has different tolerances, biology and circumstances. That being said, DO NOT DRIVE HIGH! Wait an appropriate amount of time after consumption to ensure sobriety before driving. We are not able to advise how long after smoking or consuming weed that one can get a DUI.

  • $8,000 for costs associated with hiring a cannabis lawyer.
  • $1,500 if your car is towed or impounded.
  • $1,000 for alternative transportation.
  • $1,000 for any pre-trial costs.
  • $1,000 for your personal hardships.
  • $1,000 for incidental expenses.
  • $1,500 total ($250 per-diem) when you must appear in court.


reepher does not post bail for members, but will reimburse for the fee associated with a bail bondsman.

When a claim is approved, reepher provides members an advance of $750 to assist with any initial costs. Other expenses, such as legal fees, will be reimbursed throughout the claim process.

Documentation showing you’ve been charged with a cannabis DUI is all that’s needed to start the claims process. After this, you will receive detailed instructions from your dedicated claims consultant to ensure your claim is processed as quickly as possible.

reepher will reimburse you via check for expenses incurred as part of your DUI defense. Other arrangements may be made on a claim by claim basis as necessary.

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