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reepher provides a financial safety net for cannabis consumers facing THC DUI charges

Discover how reepher helps responsible cannabis consumers like you.

Have you consumed cannabis recently?

What would happen if you were required to submit to a marijuana DUI test? 

If you’re a regular cannabis consumer, there’s a good chance the results would show THC in your system, regardless of the type of cannabis drug test. The presence of that THC could lead to you facing cannabis DUI charges – even if you’re sober or have a medical card.

Do your brake lights work?

Most DUI arrests begin with a traffic or equipment violation. You may be pulled over for speeding, rolling through a stop sign, or even failing to register your car on time. Any of these violations could lead to an interaction with an officer suspecting you’re intoxicated.

THC positive? Now what..

Facing cannabis DUI charges is no joke. You risk jail time, an impounded car, a suspended license, numerous fines and more. An expert cannabis criminal defense lawyer could help you with this process, but they are expensive – often requiring thousands of dollars as a retainer before starting your defense.

We Help Cover the Costs

Forty-eight percent of Americans have less than $1,000 to spend on unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. With up to $15,000 in available benefits, a reepher membership means you have the money you need to defend yourself against cannabis related charges, regardless of the balance in your savings account. A reepher membership offers up to the following coverage limits:

$ 0
For the legal defense attorney of your choice
$ 0
If your car is towed or impounded
$ 0
For alternative
$ 0
For any
pre-trial costs
$ 0
For your personal hardships
$ 0
For incidental expenses
$ 0  
For the time you spend in court  

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Get the licensed cannabis attorney that you want

With reepher, there’s no need to settle for a public defender. You won’t max out your credit card or drain your savings account paying for an experienced cannabis DUI criminal defense attorney. For the price of a pre-roll every month, you can buy yourself peace of mind.

Protect yourself today!

Up to $15,000 in coverage. Just 3 minutes to apply. Pricing starts at $15 / month.