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We empathize with what you’re going through and we will be there during the entire process.

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How We Handle Your Claim

At reepher we understand that dealing with cannabis DUI charges is a challenging, stressful time.

With that in mind, we make the claims process as easy as possible. reepher will advance up to $750 as soon as your claim is approved, and reimburses you for additional incurred expenses as your case progresses.

Claims Consultant

We know that filing a claim is another item in your long to-do list. Our claims consultants are a single point of contact who will make the process as easy as possible. A reepher consultant will:
Provide you with a roadmap for the claims process
Ensure that you clearly understand any requests for documentation
Answer any questions you have and provide timely updates
Process your reimbursement requests as quickly as possible to support your defense

How to File a Claim

We’ll stay in touch throughout the claims process

Sign into your reepher account and click ‘file a claim’
Provide initial documentation supporting your claim
reepher assigns a claim consultant
You receive an initial advance of up to $750 to cover costs
As your case progresses, reepher maintains contact and processes reimbursement requests quickly as you incur expenses

A Good Word Means a Lot

Claims Reviews

What would I have done without Reepher

I got estimates from three DUI attorneys to handle my case. One told me to expect up to $8,000 in legal expenses for a proper defense. What would I have done without Reepher.
John B

Reepher did it again

My defense attorney brought in expert witnesses, THC test companies, and helped me demonstrate to the court that I was just a sober, regular user, not driving under the influence! Without Reepher I would not have even thought to have contacted an expensive lawyer.
Justin L