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Financial Protection for Cannabis Consumers

Protect your Financial Future Today!

From $15 / month

We’re not lawyers, but we’ll help you pay for one.

Responsible cannabis users recognize regular consumption could lead to costly DUI charges. Reepher provides a financial safety net should you face charges, helping you pay for the skilled attorney you need to effectively defend yourself without draining your savings account.

A Good Word Means a Lot

What Our Customers Are Saying

Thanks Reepher!

I use cannabis to help me sleep, and accidentally rear ended someone on the way to work. The police officer said I had sleepy eyes and made me submit to a blood test. Due to my frequent cannabis use I tested positive. Without Reepher I would have had to choose paying my mortgage or paying an attorney. Luckily, Reepher covered the entire cost of my defense team, and I was able to make my house payments. Thanks Reepher!
John Borthwick

Reepher reimbursed my expenses immediately

I use cannabis regularly for severe back pain, but never drive under the influence. In a bad storm my car didn’t stop in time, and I was at fault for an accident. The police claimed probably cause to suspect intoxication, and tested my blood at the hospital. THC was detected and I was charged with a cannabis DUI. Reepher was there every step of the way as I fought the charges, and reimbursed my expenses immediately.
Mary Scott


Why reepher?

If you hire an expert attorney to defend yourself you’ll face staggering legal fees as well. Reepher is here to help with those costs because you deserve the defense of your choice, without maxing out your credit cards.

What is Reepher?

Responsible adults protect themselves against all sorts of future risk. We insure our homes, our cars, and even our lives. Reepher protects responsible adults from financial risk that stems from consuming cannabis. Consumers risk facing DUI charges due to THC remaining in their body long after use, and these cannabis consumers need a capable defense team.

Legal Defense

Your membership will pay up to $8,000 towards the cost of a lawyer you choose.

No Deductible

You pay the monthly membership fee and reepher pays when you need it. No meeting a deductible first.

Fast Cash

We send you $750 to cover incidental expenses when your claim is approved.

Alternative Transportaton

Your membership pays up to $1,000 towards the cost of alternative transportation if your license is suspended or your car is impounded.

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