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Adult Consumption Needs Financial Protection

Even in states where cannabis use is legal, sober consumers risk facing DUI charges due to THC lingering in their body. Cananbis consumers need a legal expert to defend themselves.

Build your legal team

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Upgrade Your Legal Defense Team

An expert legal defense is costly, but necessary when cannabis users face DUI charges. Reepher ensures you get the best possible opportunity to defend yourself by helping to pay for the skilled attorney of your choice.

A Good Word Means a Lot

What Our Customers Are Saying

What would I have done without Reepher

I got estimates from three DUI attorneys to handle my case. One told me to expect up to $8,000 in legal expenses for a proper defense. What would I have done without Reepher.
John B

Reepher did it again

My defense attorney brought in expert witnesses, THC test companies, and helped me demonstrate to the court that I was just a sober, regular user, not driving under the influence! Without Reepher I would not have even thought to have contacted an expensive lawyer.
Justin L


Why reepher?

If you hire an expert attorney to defend yourself you’ll face staggering legal fees as well. Reepher is here to help with those costs because you deserve the defense of your choice, without maxing out your credit cards.

It’s High Time You Got a Better Lawyer

An effective cannabis legal team has a good reputation with prosecutors and judges, has experience defending clients facing cannabis DUI charges, and can dedicate the requisite time and resources to build your defense. Don’t come out of pocket for your legal team, lean on Reepher. Benefits points:

Legal Defense

Your membership will pay up to $8,000 towards the cost of a lawyer you choose.

No Deductible

You pay the monthly membership fee and reepher pays when you need it. No meeting a deductible first.

Fast Cash

We send you $750 to cover incidental expenses when your claim is approved.

Alternative Transportaton

Your membership pays up to $1,000 towards the cost of alternative transportation if your license is suspended or your car is impounded.

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