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Sensible Protection for Insensible Testing

Determining whether someone is impaired by marijuana, as opposed to having merely used the drug at some point of time is difficult. Current methods of testing only determine if THC is present, not if a driver is impaired. And most cannabis users soberly drive with a detectable amount of THC in their body. Until testing can demonstrate intoxication, cannabis consumers need a legal expert to defend themselves when facing DUI charges.

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An expert legal defense is costly, but necessary when cannabis users face DUI charges. Reepher ensures you get the best possible opportunity to defend yourself by helping to pay for the skilled attorney of your choice.

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I beat the charges

I smoked last week, but because THC showed up in my urine I was arrested, but totally sober! Reepher enabled me to get a private attorney and beat the charges!
Richard K

Without Reepher I'd pay a fortune

I only use cannabis occasionally, and hadn’t for at least 4 days when I got pulled over for speeding. My eyes were bloodshot from being tired, so the officer suspected I was driving impaired and required me to be tested. I had only 1ng/mL of THC in my blood, but I live in a zero=tolerance state (where my medical use is legal) so I was charged with a DUI. Without Reepher my legal fees would have been more than I spent on my last car!
Mary S


Why reepher?

If you hire an expert attorney to defend yourself you’ll face staggering legal fees as well. Reepher is here to help with those costs because you deserve the defense of your choice, without maxing out your credit cards.

What is reepher?

There is currently a disparity between the intent of cannabis DUI laws and how those laws are enforced. Current methods of testing do not prove impairment. Being arrested or charged with Cannabis-related crimes is expensive and you deserve quality representation when you face these charges. We help cover these and related costs.

Legal Defense

Your membership will pay up to $8,000 towards the cost of a lawyer you choose.

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You pay the monthly membership fee and reepher pays when you need it. No meeting a deductible first.

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We send you $750 to cover incidental expenses when your claim is approved.

Alternative Transportaton

Your membership pays up to $1,000 towards the cost of alternative transportation if your license is suspended or your car is impounded.

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