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The Only Legal Way to Consume Cannabis in South Carolina

The dramatic variation of cannabis laws from state to state often leads to confusion about marijuana laws and their penalties. With so many states still strictly enforcing cannabis use and possession laws, staying informed, knowing your rights, and having a plan are essential. Read on to find out if there is a legal way to consume cannabis in South Carolina.


What Should a Cannabis Consumer Know About South Carolina Laws?

The most important thing anyone who consumes cannabis in South Carolina should know is that cannabis is still illegal in the Palmetto State. South Carolina has yet to legalize medical or adult-use cannabis, and cannabis users can get into legal trouble if caught with cannabis or suspected of being under the influence of cannabis while driving.


South Carolina is especially strict about cannabis use while operating a vehicle. The laws and practices surrounding cannabis DUI charges can be murky, and the penalties are severe. If you’re a cannabis user in South Carolina, you must stay informed about what a cannabis DUI is and how being charged with one can affect you.


What are the Penalties for Cannabis Charges in SC?


South Carolina still has severe penalties for anyone caught with cannabis products.

These penalties for cannabis possession increase with further offenses and larger amounts of cannabis products. The penalties for driving under the influence of cannabis and a subsequent cannabis DUI offense are even stricter. For cannabis users who live in states like South Carolina that are unfriendly towards cannabis, it’s essential to be as informed and prepared as possible.


Is Cannabis Consumption Legal in South Carolina?


Unfortunately, no. South Carolina still considers cannabis a controlled substance, meaning it is not legal to grow, sell, possess, or use high-THC cannabis products anywhere in the state. There are no exceptions for medical patients, despite some recent attempts at cannabis policy reform.


There are technically some legal ways to consume cannabis in South Carolina, though. CBD comes from the hemp plant and is considered a cannabis product. CBD is widely available to the public in South Carolina in many forms, from vaporizers to infused foods and drinks. To be legal in South Carolina and on the federal level, this CBD must be derived from hemp instead of marijuana and contain less than 0.3% THC.


Is THC-Positive CBD Legal in South Carolina?


Even though medical marijuana is illegal in South Carolina, patients with certain medical conditions can access more potent forms of CBD to bolster their treatments.

Patients with severe epilepsy that has not responded to traditional treatments are eligible for medical benefits in the form of high-potency CBD. With documentation from a doctor, patients with Lennox Gastaut Syndrome, Dravet Syndrome, or another type of severe epilepsy are permitted to possess and use cannabis products that contain up to 0.9% THC and at least 15% CBD. These patients are not required to carry any documentation with them, though it’s always better to have it on hand if necessary, given South Carolina’s unfriendly stance towards cannabis.


How Can You Protect Yourself in SC?


Whether you’re a regular cannabis user, a medical patient who uses CBD with a higher level of THC, or just someone who wants to protect themselves in the event of a cannabis charge in South Carolina, you can never be too prepared.

Reepher offers coverage in the event of cannabis charges in South Carolina, helping you with every part of your legal defense. If you’re a cannabis consumer concerned about potential cannabis possession, paraphernalia or DUI charges, consider what a reepher membership offers.




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