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Are you THC positive?

Thanks for using our THC calculator – your results are below. For a limited time, users of our calculator receive a 30 day free trial reepher membership. Simply use code: freetrial at checkout.

No, you are likely THC negative right now.

This doesn’t mean that you will pass a drug test with certainty. If you use cannabis, you’re taking a risk every time you get behind the wheel to drive. Watch the video above and see what can happen if a police officer forces you to take a drug test.

Depending on how frequently or recently you use cannabis, THC can stay in your body and cause a positive test result weeks after your last consumption.

reepher is the only way to protect yourself from financial catastrophe when facing DUI chrges. With $15,000 in coverage, you won’t have to max out your credit card to pay for a lawyer. 

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Please understand that this test result is an approximate representation of the result of a drug test, and does not guarantee that you will receive the described result on a physical drug test.

If you consume cannabis, and are concerned about the risks you face when driving a car, you should consider what a reepher membership has to offer. As a thank you for using our calculator, you are eligible for a no-obligation 30 day free trial membership. Sign up today using the code: freetrial at checkout.

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